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Embeded website for the Volkswagen Touareg new car.
Browse the 3D and discover all the car details. Be sure to also try the mobile version !
Digital operation to show the partnership between Burn Energy Drink, Lotus F1 and the street artist M-City.The website give more background and informations about this partnership and the related partners.We use the M-City crazy cool style as a background to immerse the user. Then we create a flat, coloured and animated interface on top of it to create something as dynamic and ernergic as the drink itself.The user interface and experience is simple but we gave a lot of thinking to it, especially on the responsive way of dealing with it.
La Carambole, is a French gourmet cooking restaurant, located in Alsace (East of France).
We really wanted to created a smart website, as minimalist as the sophisticated cuisine the Chef served at his table.
The website is fully responsive, and small animations brighten up the reading of this one-page website, as a traditional menu in a restaurant.
Obsession is a french magazine about fashion, culture and lifestyle. They wanted a video that quickly immerse the spectator into their themes and the way they're writing on them.
Obsession is a visually strong magazine and we wanted to translate that strength. The motion plays the pace of reading, and offers dynamic and slower animations, like when you read it thoroughly or quickly flips through the pages of a magazine. We used a lot of 3D animation to recreate a journey through their creative vision. All elements of the video comes from Obsession magazine, and play on the obsessive and repetitive aspect of the magazine.
Creation of 3 short films for the new Sony smartphone, Xperia-Z. The mobile stand out by its ultra-resistant, smooth, extra-fine and light shell in toughened glass.
The mobile is designed to support the shocks of the everyday life: scratches, impacts, and falls! We wanted to demonstrate that trough nice videos. So we use a slow motion motion camera and throw rocks, liquid, ink, even fruits on the smartphone. The use of slow motion create a dreamlike and surrealist atmosphere. It highlights particularly the uncluttered design of the product and its resistance to elements in real. The result are 3 viral slow motion videos.
"Le Beau Mâle" is the new fragrance by Jean-Paul Gaultier. We did a website to have the user seduce someone and feeling the heat.
The goal was to create an immersive and interactive experience that trigger all your senses to go deeper into the website... and discovering the best seducer of all was "Le Beau Mâle".
All the experience is based on the seduction: the character (man or woman, depend of the user's choice) captivates the user by addressing directly to him (dynamic management of the audio: creation of sentences with the first name of the user). The animation of realistic ice help to plunges the user into a dreamlike universe, the video inlays (tattoo, eye, kiss) extend this fantasy by including the user at the heart of the experience.
The Speed Challenge is a digital operation for Orange, to celebrate the Roland Garros 2013 Tournament. The goal was to use your smartphone as a remote and mimic a smash.
The Speed Challenge is a Facebook game that uses the accelerometer and gyroscope of you smartphone to calculate the speed. We record it, and display it on leader board to enter the contest and to win prizes. We recreate a 3D tennis court in a low polygon style and use motion capture animations to mimic the movements, to get as close as possible to a real tennis serve gesture!
Our last flash portfolio. We wanted to make something immersive, like diving in our minds, which presents our projects through a very personal universe: a whole world was imagined and realized in 3D.
Mixing social media, hardcore 3D flash, interaction between people and our works. We end up creating a weird universe, made of tiny characters, drawing ink lines on a white landscape, fetching goodies, meeting people and browsing our work.
The ergonomics of the website proposes two ways of navigation to reach the content: an experience rather turned to the gaming, with the discovery of the universe thanks to the keyboard or a mobile remote, or in a more classic way with the mouse.
We worked on a global strategy for L'Oreal Professionnel, a well known brand for professional hair dresser. We wanted to reinforce the link between customers and hair salons.
We focused on details. For example, when you are looking for an hotel, you never ask the quality of the bed or softness of the bed linen: you ask for wifi or room service… the same things apply for hair salon. Rather than just focusing on ratings, we wanted to show the whole experience a hair salon can provide: "is it quick? Do they have your favorite coffee or magazine? Is the hair stylist chatty or shy? etc."
We designed this website with the same idea, focusing on different parts of the images, letting you explore the website as an experience to make the hair salon and products cool again :)
Motions for the new range of Windows "Back To School" family pack offers.The first video describes all the new features, and the second video shows mainly the sharing of documents between users.
We also worked on an installation for a giant screen at La Defense where you could interact and play with your iPhone.
Official website of Somewhere, movie from Sofia Coppola (2011). The conception of the website sticks on the slow and moderate style of the director: the website is very contemplative, intimate and quiet, just like the tone of the movie.
We build a nice displacement map effect, wich where the perfect stuff to create that calm and weird feeling that remind the movie. Pictures are on the spotlight, with scenes extracted from the movie presented fullscreen, on whom come to position the texts.
The interface is simple and minimalist, the navigation is concentrated on a third of the screen, almost non-existent, but stands out in a strong way and colored at the need. Typography's and color's choices bring vigorousness, and create life on the static images.
We made a huge homepage take over for the partnership between Microsoft and the movie Bilbon The Hobbit. The goal was to mix the high tech style of Windows 8 (square shape, bright color) and the fantasy world of Bilbon.
We used graphic styles from the Tolkien story and made a link with a fictional Bilbon's phone.
To celebrate the 100 years of the famous Tour de France, France télévision and INA wanted to join their contents and build the reference website for the story of this sportive event.
More than 800 videos, photos and audio extracts from the Tour de France archive are now online and available, through the year.
During the event, the homepage was promoting archive and articles related to the actual news.
Creation of website adressed to child from 8 to 13 years old, for the launch of cinema movie Titeuf. The website allows to investigate the universe of the movie and to win tickets for the cinema preview to meet the author of Titeuf.
It's a cartoon for kids, so we build something kid friendly, with a lot of animations, webcam and mic goodies. We also use a lot af 3D animation and parallax to have a dynamic website.
Portfolio for the french agency Silenzio. They are specialized un movie poster creation and promotion.
They are one of the biggest french agency in this field, so we wanted to illustrate the quality and quantity of their production in a immersive website.Silenzio gathers cinema lovers: the portfolio is model after them, so it put the visitor in an ocean of film posters. We wanted the user to dive into their creations!
From the homepage, the variety and the quantity of the productions is put forward by the creation of a reactive wall build with movie posters.
This website is a promotional online show-room for Opel to promote their vehicles. The concept focused on the creation of a younger and modern website, thanks to the addition of a social layer.
The goal was to make something new and more immersive than just a bunch of discount price tags. We design a responsive and gap free grid that let the user discover huge pictures of the cars. The arrangement also allows to classify the products advantages by importance, according to the profile of the user. We add new way of finding the right car for you and debating on features with the community.
The website aimed to celebrate the partnership between Daft Punk and Coca-Cola (limited edition of gold and silver Coca-Cola bottles).The website was realized in two parts. The first one resumes the Coke club history, the collection of limited series by Coca-Cola. The other one presents the new bottle created by the electronic duet.
The design of the website plays on the luxury codes by staging bottles within a dark case, enlightened such jewels. The design is purified and minimalist. The photos of bottles are fullscreens. The work on typography was elaborated to allow an original ergonomics where the navigation disappears to the benefit of the bottle. The made of a strong minimalist design and the use of parallax (yes, at this time it was cool !) had some fun while scrolling through the page. The Club Coke bottles were all modeled in 3D and ultra realistic textured in a way to sublimate the products of the collection.
L'Opéra National de Paris wanted an interactive website related to theme of the season 2011-2012: the opposition between shadow and light. We wanted the user to dive in this season theme, so the ergonomics of the site is based on the dichotomy: right and left, black and white. Two way of navigation are proposed. On one hand, an immediate access "to travel" in two clicks to the totality of the contents, collected on one page. On the other, a slower access "to discover", who favors a progressive exploration of the contents thanks to a video who looks like reports.
X-Track is an online radio that streams music made by great Dj's. It's a global art project that unite music, visual arts and news. You cannot separate the creations, you have to keep everything together to make a coherent art piece.The Dj's and guest share news from various topics around the world : new mix, art fair, video clip... anything that can gather the community.The radio already had a strong identity (yellow and blue colours, the logo...) and we wanted it to have a visually strong website, with radical graphics. So we choose to take inspiration from vintage comic books. The results is an awesome full HTML Radio, streamed on 3 different time zones, with a unique style!



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